Exploring Limpopo with Brand South Africa

In December 2019, Brand South Africa reached out to myself and other travel bloggers, vloggers and influencers to join their team on an epic adventure to the Limpopo Province. This trip was in collaboration with  Limpopo Tourism Agency and Limpopo Economic Development Agency.

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Limpopo, South Africa
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Northern Sotho (Sepedi) traditional attire

Before I share all the details of what we got up to, I will first share these 5 fun facts about Limpopo, just to give you a bit of information about this breathtaking destination, which I encourage you to visit in the future.

  1. Limpopo is one of the 9 provinces in South Africa. It is where our country shares it’s borders with Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique.
  2. When it comes to Domestic tourism, Lipomopo is the leading province in the country.
  3. In terms of international tourist arrivals, Lipompo is the second largest beneficiary, after the Gauteng province.
  4. About 70% of The Kruger National Park is actually in Limpopo and not in Mpumalanga like many South Africans assume (myself included).
  5. Out of the 11 official languages in South Africa, 3 are spoken in this province – Northern Sesotho (Sepedi), Tshivenda and Xitsonga.
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Limpopo, South Africa

Ok, lets get to it now! This post will highlight the different activities, restaurants and accommodation options in Limpopo.

1. Activities & Sightseeing:

Makgobaskloof Canopy Tour

Magkgobaskloof, also known as “The Land of the Silver Mist” is a lush green mountainous area, covered by natural evergreen subtropical forest. Its located on the R71, the road between Tzaneen and Polokwane.

The Makgobaskloof Canopy Tour is R660pp and has 11 lines where you zipline to the next platform. The emphasis of this activity is on pure fun and adventure. While I was soaring through the sky I caught a glimpse of the mountain tops, valleys, waterfalls and the sparkling river below.

What to bring: Comfortable closed shoes and a jacket (the weather in Magoebaskloof can be unpredictable because of the surrounding mountains).

Please note: You will need to hike for 1km up and out of the gorge after the tour.

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The view while zip-lining at Magoebaskloof, Limpopo
Magoebaskloof, Limpopo
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All smiles as we headed to play in the forest at Magoebaskloof, Limpopo

Bakone Malapa Open Air Museum

If you’d like to take a step back in time and experience the warm hospitality and rich culture of the Northern Basotho people, then visit the stylishly created Bakone Malapa Museum which is just 9km from Polokwane.

The museum concentrates on the traditional way of life of the Northern Basotho people. It has been reconstructed in the style used roughly 250 years ago. Demonstrations of traditional fire making, maize grinding and beer brewing can be seen during your visit. The Northern Basotho people are, even today, very skilled in traditional craft-making such as grass weaving, drum-making, hunting weapons, traditional clothing and bead work.

To learn more about the history of some of the people that contribute to the diversity of this beautiful country, do visit the Bakone Malapa Open Air museum. Entrance fee is R15pp.

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Traditional domestic structures built of mud
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Successfully starting a fire the old school way
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Me, Thobeka, Andile and Ntombi at the Bakone Malapa Open Air Museum
Bakone Malapa Open Air Museum
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Learning about traditional clothing at the Bakone Malapa Open Air Muesum

Setšong Tea Experience

Setšong Tea is an indigenous tea which is filled with history and heritage. This tea is handpicked and handmade on the farm and is natural and organic which means that it improves the overall quality of  your life.

This experience is led by a group of rural women and offers an educational experience for tea lovers and those seeking an authentic, cultural experience of life in the villages of South Africa.

The Setšong Tea Experience includes:

  • A donkey cart ride through the tea farm.
  • A traditional dance welcome by the Village elders.
  • An introduction of different indigenous plants growing in the wild bushes.
  • A tour of the traditional tea crafting process.
  • A traditional tea ceremony followed by an African traditional lunch.

Please visit the Setšong Tea website for prices and to support this proudly South African business. You can purchase the tea online or at one of their outlets located in various provinces in the country.

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Welcome to Setšong Tea Farm!
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Setšong Tea

2. Restaurants in Polokwane, Limpopo

Grounded Container Bar

This unique container styled bar, situated close to the airport, has a fantastic outdoor area and VIP roof top which makes it great for events. I decided to have a cocktail and the mouth-watering spare ribs – I absolutely didn’t regret my decision! Apparently the Grounded container bar is not actually classified as a restaurant because they specialize in handpicked craft beer, gin and whiskeys. But there are certainly a variety of food options to satisfy your cravings.

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Grounded Container Bar, Polokwane, Limpopo
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Cheers to exploring more of Limpopo in the future!
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Lunch at Grounded Container Bar

Uhuru Café

Uhuru Café is located in the heart of Polokwane at the Uhuru Lifestyle Emporium. If you enjoy healthy meals, then this place is for you because there is a strong emphasis on wellness and freshly prepared light meals.

3. Accommodation

Radisson Park-Inn Hotel, Polokwane, Limpopo

The Radisson Park-Inn Hotel is a 3-star hotel, located steps away from the Peter Mokaba Staduim. Their rooms are vibrant and contemporary, with prices as low as R936pppn. My favourite feature in the rooms is the mood lighting. I’d switch the colour of the lights everyday depending on how I felt.

Each room is equipped with a comfortable bed, TV set, desk, bathroom, wifi and there is also a swimming pool on their premises.

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Limpopo Province, Limpopo, South Africa

Limpopo province definitely the kind of place you can come back to over and over again – I’m looking forward to my next visit!

For more on this trip, please search the following hashtags on Instagram and Twitter: #InspiringSA #UnpackLimpopo.

Have you been to Limpopo? What is your favourite place to visit here? Please comment below.

Thank you for reading,

Dineo Zonke.

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