Hello, Dominican Republic.

A long trip for the big trip

Before I start letting you know about my time so far, I feel I need to share how I got here.

At the time when I chose my flight about 3 months ago, I was so excited and just wanted to make a booking, as long as it was booked, right?! The Dominican Republic isn’t a popular travel destination for South Africans so there are no direct flights available. I booked a 34 hour long connecting flight which literally took me around the world to get to my final destination.

Johannesburg – Dubai – Milan – New York – Santiago.

As if that wasn’t long enough, I had to drive 2 hours from Santiago to Punta Rucia immediately after I landed, at about 01:30 on the 6th of September.

I arrived in Punta Rucia at 04:00. With my body still on South African time then and being very excited to have finally arrived, instead of catching up on sleep, I enjoyed my first sunrise with Chikita (the friendliest puppy who belonged to the owner of the place I stayed at).

Morning walk with Chikita in Punta Rucia.

Punta Rucia

Punta Rucia is located on the northeasten coast. Because we hadn’t planned to start off there, I hadn’t done much research prior to my arrival. Nonetheless, this town exceeded all of my expectations! With the beach less than 15 meters away from our accommodation, crystal clear waters and hardly any tourists in sight, Punta Rucia was the perfect place for me to kick of this journey.

Sunset in Punta Rucia.
Punta Rucia.

Paradise Island

On the 7th of September, we decided to spend our morning on Paradise Island which is an unbelievably small island (about 15 meters long and 3 meters wide). At a cost of 900 Dominican Pesos and a 20 minutes long speed boat ride, we arrived at Paradise Island at 07:00. I was so confused that this place was classified as an island because when we arrived we could only see straw roofs sticking out of the water. The tide was high and the water had covered up the whole island but in just 15 minutes the tide went lower and we could see the small land.

Paradise Island.
Paradise Island.
Paradise Island.

We’re currently on a road trip along the northern coast. Every town I have explored so far is breathtaking! I am so happy to be here! I’ll be writing about this experience in my next blog post.

First Impression of The Dominican Republic

-Language Barrier:

Prior to leaving South Africa, many people suggested that I learn to speak Spanish because speaking it is very important when travelling in this part of the world. Not many people speak English in Central and South America therefore this has made the smallest tasks and requests hard and frustrating for me.

I attempted to learn the basics but honestly, I feel like I wasted my time haha! I didn’t spend enough time learning Spanish. So I guess I’ve put myself in this situation.

As a traveller it is important to be able to communicate in several languages and I hope to learn Spanish within the next few months.

Facts about The Dominican Republic

Located in the Caribbean, The Dominican Republic shares the island of Hispaniola with Haiti on the west.

Following Cuba, The Dominican Republic is the second largest Island in the Caribbean.

It is the only country in the world that has an image of the bible on its national flag.

The Dominican Republic is a popular destination for weddings and honeymoons. This is no surprise because from what I have seen, it could possibly be the most beautiful island I have had the opportunity to visit.

Thank you for reading!

Dineo Zonke.

4 Replies to “Hello, Dominican Republic.”

  1. Now that we get to see your amazing pictures and getting to know part of the world we never heard of makes me wanna visit those places. Can’t wait for your next destination

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ntiyiso 🤗 Thank you so much! It’s crazy that I never ever planned on visiting this country but now it’s my favourite! I hope you get to visit the Dominican Republic, you’ll love it!


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