The Big Trip!

Welcome to my world!

Having travelled to 21 countries so far and constantly being encouraged by my friends and family to start a travel blog, I have finally decided to jump in!

I have created this space to not only document my experiences and love for travel photography but also to hopefully awaken the travel bug in you, if you haven’t got it already! Travel has changed my perspective on life and definitely makes me a happier and better person.

Next stop, South America!
The Swiss Alps, Switzerland.
Vienna, Austria.

Marsa Alam, Egypt.

Why The Big Trip?

When I think of the many adjectives I could use to describe myself, “non-conformist” would be at the top of my list (followed by “crazy”, of course! Haha!)

After high school, most of us go to university for an average of 4 or 5 years, right? Well, my time at university was a total of 9 years! No, I didn’t specialise in medicine haha, I bagged 3 different qualifications, all in the construction and property industry.

I started my first corporate job in 2017 and let me just say a part of me dies every moment I am at work. I feel restricted in the office space. With hardly any leave days to my name, I can’t spend enough time doing what I love most which of course is to travel and be on the go.

I have finally made the decision to travel to Central and South America for about one year! As much as it saddens me to leave South Africa and miss out on the small precious moments with friends and family, thinking of what lies ahead, makes me feel so alive. I am honestly at my happiest when I am traveling. I cannot wait for this new chapter of my life to begin.

Cape Town, South Africa.
Koh Rong, Cambodia.
Bratislava, Slovakia.
Tam Coc, Vietnam.

Venturing into the unknown world!

So the flight is booked and the plan to embark on this exciting journey is set but really, I have no plan on where I’ll go and what I’ll do in this next year of travel! I’m generally a person who prefers to plan ahead for trips but honestly, how do you plan for a whole year?! Backpacking requires you to be flexible with your time, this helps a great deal in saving costs while on the go. So, YOLO!

The fact that I don’t have a set plan makes this journey even more special and exciting for me. Yes, I am nervous, as one would be when leaving their comfort zone but at the same time I love the feeling of not knowing what’s to come and not planning ahead. It’s a thrill that I cannot put into words.

The 4th of September 2018 is the day I’ll jump on the plane and make my way to The Dominican Republic to make my dreams come true. The plan is to gradually travel south from there. I’m so excited to take you on this adventurous journey with me.

I hope you all are either living your dream or make your dreams come true soon. Life is too short to start living only once you have retired at 60!

“There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” – Nelson Mandela

Thank you for reading! Please follow my page to keep updated with my travels.

Dineo Zonke.

Lovina , Bali, Indonesia.
Kayangan Lake, Coron Island, The Philipppines.
El Nido, Palawan, Philippines.

18 Replies to “The Big Trip!”

  1. OMG!! I’m so jealous; I wish I had the same courage to go away for a year. I am happy you are taking me with you through the net! hahaha.
    Looking forward to seeing your journey.
    Happy and safe travels xx


  2. Enjoy your journey through Americas. I’d been to just a few places there (need to come back to see more, but, for now, SE Asia is my temporary home). Make sure to visit my favorite country in South America – Uruguay. It is lesser known, but absolutely wonderful.


    1. Hey Elena, thank you so much I’m sure I’ll learn a lot and enjoy my journey. Oh nice, I love SE Asia! I’m honestly not sure where this journey will lead me but I hope I get to see Uruguay!


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